Additional services, provided by Guest House Reverie

•     Rent a bike for a whole day or 5 levs per piece

•     Request for a towel- 20 levs  per piece

•     Request for shampoo - 1.5 levs per piece (hotel package)

•     Request for a bar of soap - 1.5 levs per piece (hotel package)

•     Transfer: Varna Airport Villa Reverie- 60 levs for one direction

•     Rent-a-car - according to the class of car

•     Picking and buying seasonal produce from the eco-garden -  price per kg / pc, according to the guest’s  wishes

•     Washing powder 0,500 kilograms, 8 levs

•     Using the fireplace and firewood for about 3 hours - 20 levs

•     Additional theme trips to the region .

The villa is located 7 km from the resort Albena and Baltata Reserve, 18km from the Botanical Garden in Balchik, 40km from Cape Kaliakra and  60 km from Tyulenovo village (could be interesting for divers).

Village Cirkva  is located in Northeastern Bulgaria, part of Balchik Municipality, in the region of Dobrich. It is also 34 km from the city of Varna, 30 km from the town of Dobrich, 20 km from the town of Balchik, 8 km from the resort Albena and 18 km from Golden Sands resort.

Village Cirkva  is located on the fourth largest deposit of manganese ore in the world. On the land of the village there is a working mine. Cirkva is an attractive and well-developed village. The village has a town hall, grocery stores, a doctor's surgery, a post office and a completely renovated kindergarten. Although the name of the village means “Church”, there has never been an Orthodox church near here. In fact there is a small chapel and a curative well, which still brings people together. The village offers its residents all the comforts of modern life, combined with beautiful scenery, peace and quiet.

Albena: Albena Black Sea resort, located in Northeastern Bulgaria, Dobrich region. Albena is  the third largest resort in the country. Here you can enjoy thecalm and safe sea, the clear water and healthy air as well as the fine golden sand and the natural dunes. The resort offers a wide variety of entertainments, local restaurants and pubs, as well as a great number of sports such as fishing, wind-surfing, boating, water skiing, parachuting, paint balling, jeep safari, horse riding and others.

Landmarks: Reserve Baltata near Albena – The well- maintained reserve "Baltata" covers the mouth of the small river Batovska  in the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The reserve protects a dense forest, which is known to be the  Northernmost located dense forest in Europe. Twice a year (during the spring and autumn high tides) the  river leaves its bed and its water sweeps over the forest.

We can offer themed trips, leaving from Albena , such as:

•     "Bulgarian mysteries - the prophetess Vanga",  2-day trip

•     Sofia - Rila Monastery, 2-day trip

•     "Treasures of the Orient" - Istanbul, 2-day trip

•     "City of Two Continents" - Istanbul, 2-day trip

•     Istanbul day trip

•     "Little Paris" -  Bucharest and Mogosoaia, day trip

•     "Black Sea Riviera" - Nessebar, full day excursion

•     "Stone Forest" – Aladza monastery, Stone Forest and Beloslav, half-day excursion

•     Afternoon Varna - view, half-day excursion

•    "Royal coasts" - Balchik and Kaliakra, half-day excursion

•     Jeep safari, day trip

•     Pirate Party, a half-day excursion

•     Fishing, half-day excursion

•     Panoramic trip by yacht, half day excursion

•    Yacht picnic, day trip

•     Watch the sunset on a yacht, half-day excursion

•     Varna Dolphinarium

Kranevo is located in Northeastern Bulgaria, region Dobrich. The village bore the name Ekrene in the past. To the South of the village, on the highest part of the Franga plateau, can be seen the remains of the Roman fortress (II century). Kranevo is famous for its wide beach with golden sand. It is 10 km from the villa Reverie.

Village Obrochishte - Tekke "Jak Yazala baba  - St. Athanasius”- 2km from the villa Reverie.

The House of prayer (two- burial type) of the Muslim saint Jak Yazala baba and his Christian counterpart St. Athanasius is one of the lesser known, but extremely interesting architectural monuments, with a strong religious and cultural value.

A lot of people gather here on May 2 -  St Athanasius day (in the summer), which is also celebrated as the day of Jak Yazala Baba. Then Christians and Muslims celebrate together and do the same rituals – they  spend the night on the Tekke; they pray at the tomb of the saint and light candles;  wash themselves with water and  tie small pieces of cloth  on the tree branches. They leave rich votive offerings and make sacrifices. Many of these rituais come from ancient times, although they are realized  due to Christianity or Islam. They reflect the age-old faith of the people in the power of water, stone and wood, and their eternal quest for well-being, health and prosperity.

Balchѝk is a  small town  on the Black sea coast, in Dobrick region,, Northeastern Bulgaria. It is situated  in the middle of the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, near the resort of Albena.

A significant landmark of Balchik is the architectural park  "Balchik Palace" - consisting of a complex of houses, built in 1924-1934, to become the summer residence of the Rumanian Queen Maria Edinburgh,  situated at the southernmost point of the newly occupied land. It also includes the  botanical garden, founded by academician Daki Yordanov in 1955,  extending today to an area of 194 acres.

Yailata - unknown wild beauty- The plateau  Yailata is a unique part of the Black Sea coast, still unknown to many Bulgarians. It is located to the Northeast of Bird Bay, between Cape Shabla and the majestic cape Kaliakra.

Cape Kaliakra - the epitome of power and suffering - The high rocky cape Kaliakra, like a real ship, juts 2 km into the sea and forms a bay, protecting  it  from the North winds. This beautiful place, inaccessible from three sides, was inhabited by the Thracians. They erected a stone wall to block the only access to the cape from the North. They named the fortress Tirizis after  the name of their tribe  - tirizi.

Cape Kaliakra, situated  12 km to the East of Kavarna and 60 km Northeast of Varna,  is the most beautiful and the strangest place on the Northern Black sea coast. It is a narrow rocky peninsula, stretching  two  kilometers offshore, like a wedge. This promontory ends with a sheer 70- meter cliff.

 Today this region is a beautiful nature reserve. Dolphins, swimming in the sea, are an interesting sight, as are some of the rare representatives of our Black Sea fauna. The area  is particularly attractive because of the bright flowers, blooming in spring and summer. a There is a lighthouse, a weather forecast station, a chapel and a restaurant, built on the area.

The activities which you can do are:

Rent bicycles, Horse Riding, Fishing, Hunting, Jeep safari; visiting a master cooper, visiting the fulling mill in the village Cirkva near the villa Reverie.

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